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We mean it when we say "Psi Chi membership is for life!" In addition to the many lifetime membership benefits available to all, here are specific strategies to help you stay connected to Psi Chi even after you graduate from your university or college.

Share Your Accomplishments
You are invited to submit a brief 40-word statement about recent significant events in your life such as awards received, jobs acquired, promotions, publications, graduations, weddings, or births. All submissions will be published in future quarterly Eye on Psi Chi magazine issues to share your accomplishments with students, fellow alumni, and others around the world. We look forward to hearing from you!

Utilize Our Social Media Platforms
Take advantage of our private LinkedIn group, as well as our Facebook and Twitter pages. This is the fastest way to benefit from Psi Chi’s international reach, and your participation will create endless opportunities to receive and provide advice with others around the world. Also, be sure to log in at to update your personal profile information.
Participate With Your Chapter
As a lifetime member, you are encouraged to attend your chapter’s meetings and special events. Many chapters maintain a list of contacts specifically so alumni can stay up to date. If your chapter does not have such a list, then suggest to them that they create one. Most chapters are more than eager to do this. Maintaining relationships with your chapter will introduce you to generation after generation of excellent students and keep you informed about recent psychological advancements.
Become a Guest Speaker
As an alumnus, you have graduated and moved on into the real world. This means that you have undoubtedly acquired unique skills and have plenty of advice that your chapter’s undergraduate and graduate members are eager to hear. Consider reaching out to your chapter’s advisor HERE to see if you could become a guest speaker.
Conduct Research
Contact Psi Chi students and faculty members to ask them to coauthor research with you. This is an excellent way to reinsert yourself into the psychology field and make new connections.
Become a Faculty Mentor
If you have received your PhD and teach at a four-year university or college, consider becoming a faculty advisor. Visit HERE to learn what Psi Chi faculty mentors do and why they like their roles so much.
Don't have a chapter are your new institution? Learn how to start a chapter HERE.



How did Psi Chi impact your academic or professional career?

Matt Freeman
2010 Psi Chi Alumnus

"For me, Psi Chi means staying connected with the psychology field and the major we share that laid the foundation for my academic and professional career."


Who Are Psi Chi Alumni?
Any member who is not currently a student or a full-time faculty advisor or coadvisor.

Reasons to Become an Active Psi Chi Member

a sense of community with others who share an interest in psychology

opportunities to attend conventions, hear speakers, and follow current industry news

mentorship relationships with those just entering the field

access to a vast network of colleagues and peers within the profession










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